Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Ett svenskt äventyr

Huh, does Sweden look like this?! - No, most of Sweden doesn't, but Scania does.

As some of you may already know - I am a second year Scandinavian Studies student at university. Next year, I'll have enough space within my study programme to move to the foreign and considering I've been wanting to leave The Netherlands ever since I was still a tiny Sarah, I absolutely had to take this chance. Although most students go to either G√∂teborg or Stockholm in Sweden, I decided to apply for a university in the very South, in a lovely little city called Lund in Scania. Why? - you may ask. The answer is rather simple: my boyfriend lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, and this way we'll only live an hour from eachother by train in stead of the current hour by plane.
Yesterday, I received a message from my current university - in Amsterdam - that I have been selected for their exchange programme with Lund. Of course I couldn't be happier and I am now finishing the last bits of my application and will have to wait for approval by Lund's university as well.

Does anyone even get this greatly photoshopped joke? The European detective fanatics maybe. A hint: Ystad is located in Scania as well.

I'll keep you up to date, of course!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Me vs the dress form

Okay, basically, I have been taking some pictures of me showing off some of my Etsy items and althought my camera isn't that great at self portraits and I'm not all that photogenic, I do think it would be fair to ask you whether I should continue doing this or just stop and never post my own face in my shop again (- I do admit this last option sounds a little bit harsh.)

These are some example pictures of me modelling two dresses:

Yay or nay?

Friday, 9 March 2012

A trip to the cinema

As some of you may have read in one of my previous entries - I was absolutely dying to see My Week With Marilyn. So a while ago I went to a lovely arthouse cinema with my mother (who loves basically any historical drama) and my sister (who, I quote, "didn't have to do anything better anyway").

Coming soon? - I luckily didn't have to wait any longer

Armed with our own excitement and my mom's little Italian car, the Three Musketeers (that's me, my mom and my sister - in case you didn't guess that already) went on their way to the cinema. The cinema, just like any other arthouse cinema, happened to be hard to find and after having asked the police where on Earth our beloved movie theatre was, we arrived safely and exactly in time.
Withouth popcorn and drinks, we took place on our comfortable looking seats that actually weren't designed for people with legs as short as mine and that therefore turned out to be a little bit less comfortable than expected. The leg-chair drama was however soonly forgotten when the movie started to play and the 40 year old ladies behind us managed to shut their mouths.

Our beloved cinema

Anyway, let's continue with the actual point of this entry: the movie. I loved it. I have to admit I don't know as much about Marilyn as you might expect me to and therefore, this movie about all aspects of Marilyn's personality was a road full of surprises for me too.
Michelle Williams surely did a great job on playing Marilyn but something bugged me: to me Michelle never became Marilyn, in my eyes, she just remained Michelle Williams dressed up like Marilyn Monroe throughout the whole movie. This is of course something she can't help - we have seen Marilyn so often already, that we easily recognize any imitator as fake.

Michelle versus Marilyn

I did absolutely love getting an intimate insight in who Marilyn actually was. Although most people do not believe the story of this movie has happened for read, the movie does show us what Norma Jeane really was like: an insecure lady whose biggest role was playing whom everyone else thought she was: her alter ego Marilyn Monroe. And although Marilyn has often been underestimated - no one could say she has played the biggest role of her life badly.

So everyone who hasn't seen this movie already - go watch it! It's definitely worth your time.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

The power of pink

I have collected some lovely pink items from the 1950s and 1970s that are availabe/will be available soon in my webshop!
Here are some sneak pics of them.

1950s sparkly dress

1970s sleeveless shirt

1970s princess dress

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


As you may know by now, my life at university sometimes kills me, leaving me left with no time, inspiration for my blog or whatsoever. I now finally have some time and and am in the right mood to write another blog entry for all those who enjoy reading my blog. (If there are any!)
I did, however, slightly change my layout - the entire navigation is on the left now and I changed the background.

First off, to apologize for my awful blogging behaviour towards my readers, I have created a 15% discount code that you can use in my Etsy shop from today until the 14th of March. The code is "1weekreadersdiscount" and, although I know there aren't many items in my shop yet, you might just find the item you want among them! And I might add some more items within this week if I find the time. 

This lovely 1950s dress is available in my shop - if you're interested, 
take your chance now, with my discount code!

I also noticed that I already have 24 followers now! Gotta say it's an impressive amount for me - my previous blogs had 15 at max before I quit blogging. I am not planning on quitting this blog however, so do not worry! Also, I have a giveaway you might enjoy in mind which I will open by the time I have a certain amount of followers - not sure which amount yet, but some more than I do now.

By the way, I have recently bought the most beautiful pair of 1940s heels on Etsy for a really reasonable prize. Too bad they landed at the Customs' on their way to Europe and I had to pay the mailman to actually receive them, but it was certainly with. I can't wait to wear them this Summer!

My new 1940s shoes. This is however the seller's picture - the weather is unfortunately not good enough to take my own pictures with them yet.

And those are basically the updates of my current life - see you soon!