Monday, 13 February 2012

Shop is in the air!

Remember that I told you I'll start my own vintage store on Etsy? I started today! 

Only one dress and you call that a shop? - Yes, I do!

I am currently still rather busy with my studies and therefore haven't had much time for measuring, photographing and adding my clothes, but please stay tuned, because it won't take very long for new updates to arrive!

Click here for my shop and don't be shy to add it to your favourites!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Here we go again

After 1,5 month at my parents', university has officially started today again and therefore, I am also living on my own once again.
This means that I might be less active on my blog from now on, but don't worry; I will keep updating it anyway.
Right now I'm still making some homework. And to give you the impression that it's fun to do that, I have taken this pictures of me with a big smile on my face:


Wednesday, 1 February 2012


For once, this shopping entry is not about me shopping, but about other people shopping! Yes, that's right. 
How comes? Well, let's just put it simple like this: I have decided on creating my own Etsy vintage boutique that will start soon. Currently I'm collecting a whole bunch of clothing and there is a credit card on its way to me so I can officially begin.

Here's a little preview for you (not with great pics, but hey, at least it's an impression!)

Vintage 1960s dress

Vintage 1950s dress

Vintage 1970s coat

I'm really excited about starting this shop and hope to be able to begin soon! 
My seller's account can be found here - my shop will be called "Vintage from Europe". Creative name? No. Easy name to remember? Yes! 
I'll keep you up to date!