Saturday, 28 January 2012


There are things that should just be forgotten forever and that no one should want to see ever again - either because the makers must be too embarrassed nowadays or because it's simply too awful to watch.
I, however, love anything curious and strange and therefore am insanely happy every time I find something new while I'm on the hunt for the bizarre. The less tasteful and the more outdated, the better! I want to see people with haircuts that no one would want to have anymore, the people with the glitter jeans and the worst special effects ever seen
Bad quality? Please! 
Infamous? That is my sole requirement! 
Should it look like a bad attempt at a practical joke? But of course!

I do hope none of my followers are Star Wars fans, because honestly, the only time I have ever watched a Star Wars movie, I didn't get the story at all because I was laughing all the time. My boyfriend at the time got kind of upset, probably thinking it was disrespectful to laugh so much at a classic movie, but I couldn't help it. Just look at this trailer, imagine that you have never heard of Star Wars before and you'll get what I mean. Especially the robot that kind of looks like a human (yes, the one you see before clicking on that video above this piece of text) made me laugh every single time he appeared again. The way he moved, the way he talked - I loved it. Just not the way other people would.

I love David Bowie. And I respect Mick Jagger. That's why I thought this video was a fake one the first time I saw it. How on Earth could two men that have meant so much to music have made a video as awful as this one? I believed it were actors, making fun of both Bowie and Jagger until I realized the two men that appear in this video looked awfully much like David and Mick themselves. After some research I had to conclude it was for real. Just click play and you'll immediately get what I mean. (And please do watch the complete video - their dancing gets worse and worse! Which I, of course, find highly entertaining.)

Though I have to admit this last video is my favourite of all of them. Yes, this video explains why this entry's title is in Finnish (- the fact that it's also the only Finnish word that I know except for Suomi Finland and sauna should remain a secret). I have no idea who the artists in this video are and I also don't want to know, because it would ruin the complete fairytale for me. The fairytale of aliens that look awfully much like humans, wearing red trousers, too short sweatshirts and show off some the worst choreography I have ever seen.
Could this get any better? I thought the first time I ever saw this video. 
"Yes it can!", the video soonly replied by showing the singer with his awful haircut and matching clothing.
And what about the ending with the flying car? This video must have been created by a genius.

Friday, 20 January 2012

A post dedicated to fringes

Today I will honour fringes (or bangs to all you Americans out there)!

Queen of bangs Bettie Page

Why? Because I practically always have one myself. Back when I was a child, I always used to have a fringe until my mother decided that I got too old for it when I was about 11 years old. Too old? Yes, too old. Apparently, my mother has always associated fringes with children and made me grow out mine. Although it was a relief for me back then, I have become addicted to them a couple of years back again.

No-Fringe-Sarah vs. Fringe-Sarah vs. My-Fringe-Has-Gotten-Too-Long-Sarah

Yes. That's the difference a fringe can make.I have a high forehead and a fringe makes a long face optically shorter. Yes, I do have that in common with a certain miss Page whose picture also can be found within this entry. 
In fact, I love my fringe so much that I even bought hairdresser's scissors just in order to cut my fringe myself in stead of visiting the actual hairdresser's every time it gets too long. The hairdresser was rather impressed by my cutting skills, or well, he said that he had seen "much worse". I took it as a compliment. 

And what would an honouring post be without pictures of fringes other than my own? That's right: rubbish.
 So here we go!

1920's superstar Louise Brooks was famous for
her recognizable short bob and bangs.

Audrey Hepburn has had several types of fringes
throughout her carreer.

Model (and George Harrison's first wife) Pattie Boyd
was a fan of heavy bangs during the 1960s.

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra in 1963.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

I've been shopping lately

I'll be honest with you right from the start for once and admit that I am addicted to buying stuff online. Especially items I don't need at all. The problem is just that I am lazy, yet want to expand my garderobe and internet shopping is the ultimate solution for this. The problem, though, is that I don't need anything new, but browsing the internet whilst being bored always has this side effect on me.

My latest finds have been these two dresses:

Dress from Dahlia

Vintage 1950s dress from Etsy

And I'm planning on buying this dress too, after my wallet will have somewhat recovered from the vintage 1950s gown:

Dress by Pinup Couture

Also, my boyfriend gave me this coat (the left one) as a late birthday/Christmas present. Can't wait to wear it once Spring has arrived!

Coat from Tara Starlet

I don't have a camera right now, but expect pictures of "the real deal" sometime soon!

Friday, 13 January 2012

A rough guide to French 1970s music (aka: the music my mother loves)

Even though I was born in the early 1990s, my life, or at least my knowledge of the world of the music industry was not like that of other people my age. I did watch the Powerrangers and have had several Furbies whom I dearly loved, but other than that, the 1990s have never really been my era. Therefore, the artists I listened to also did not look like this:

or like this:

The artists I listened to were men (of which some with beards) with either disco clothing, suits or silly 1970s shirts that will never ever become fashionable again. Oh, and they were French. And who is the one that can be blamed for this? Right, that is my mother. Although I do admit "blame" might not be the best word to describe this whole situation because, and let's be perfectly honest for once: the music that was produced by boybands and girlbands in the 1990s was awful.

Anyhow, my mother was born in the year 1960 in a little village in France and moved to a cold small country that is formally called The Kingdom of the Netherlands when she was twenty years old. During the 1990s, my mother had already lived for several years in this country, but as some of you may know already: most French people love anything French. Back in the rural 1990s, my mom belonged to this group and tried to revive her past by playing the artists she loved as a teenager all day long. And throughout these years, I have become a semi-expert at French 1970s music. However, whenever I want to make fun about the death of Claude François or talk about the music of Stone & Charden causes me headaches, people never know what I am talking about.
So that's why I will present you all a brief selection of the French artists that were popular 30 to 40 years ago and that I do want you to know about.

Who thinks poorly dressed women in video clips are of recent date have never seen any of Claude François' music videos. Claude François - once a blond disco sex god, preferably sang about exotic places such as Brazil and Egypt while being surrounded by his dance group les Claudettes who would usually wear shimmering bikinis while Claude himself happily danced along in a suit.
But why joke about his death, you may wonder. Cloclo died in the year 1978 in his bathroom, where he had electrocuted himself in his bathtub. If I may believe my mother, every France girl was in shock and cried for days, but cruel as I am, I always imagine him blowdrying his golden hair in his own bathtub and die because of that - and find that thought funny.

Those who genuinely love the happy life without worries would love Joe Dassin. Singing happy songs about cars, Paris and America (Joe grew up in in the United States) throughout the 1960s and 1970s with a smile on his face made him the perfect charmeur.

When I was twelve years old, I saw a picture of Michel Fugain wearing peach coloured pants and red platform boots in a book and ever since I have never been able to clear up my mind about this man. Every time I hear Une belle histoire - which is rather often, because he is one of those French singers who have also gained some fame outside of France - I think of a bearded man on platform boots. Luckily I have never seen that picture again. Michel is actually still active as a singer and tours Europe once in a while.

Honestly, I know nothing about Michel Delpech except for the fact that he apparently loves flirting with several girls in one day on fields. This one song, however, is insanely catchy (especially the lalala-part is) and whenever I'm bored, Michels lalalalas often invade my brain and stay there for another couple of days. 
Watching this video is at your risk.

And last and certainly also least are Stone et Charden. The voice of Stone, the woman, literally causes headaches and whenever my mother has to pick me up somewhere with her car and this CD is playing I turn it off immediately. And they sometimes even still perform - I hope the public won't forget to take their paracetamols with them.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Beep beep yeah

I must admit that I'm an awful blogger at times. In fact, I sometimes even wonder how I can still have followers after times of absence. Anyhow; I am back, after having survived several exams at university and written some essays to keep my teachers over there entertained. Oh, and did I already mention I passed 16 days at my boyfriend's place in Denmark too? 

Currently, I'm studying for another exam and I'm trying to get my drivers licence anytime soon, so I still won't be insanely active, but at least you will all know I haven't completely vanished!

Stay tuned!

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