Sunday, 15 January 2012

I've been shopping lately

I'll be honest with you right from the start for once and admit that I am addicted to buying stuff online. Especially items I don't need at all. The problem is just that I am lazy, yet want to expand my garderobe and internet shopping is the ultimate solution for this. The problem, though, is that I don't need anything new, but browsing the internet whilst being bored always has this side effect on me.

My latest finds have been these two dresses:

Dress from Dahlia

Vintage 1950s dress from Etsy

And I'm planning on buying this dress too, after my wallet will have somewhat recovered from the vintage 1950s gown:

Dress by Pinup Couture

Also, my boyfriend gave me this coat (the left one) as a late birthday/Christmas present. Can't wait to wear it once Spring has arrived!

Coat from Tara Starlet

I don't have a camera right now, but expect pictures of "the real deal" sometime soon!


  1. Super vet! Ben benieuwd naar de foto's!


  2. Die 2e jurk is echt prachtig.

  3. Wauw, die tweede is echt prachtig!

  4. Die jurk van Dahlia en die jas zijn echt nice. Echt lief van je vriend, btw.

  5. Waaaaauw, die jurk van Etsy! geweldig mooi.

  6. Hi..
    Leuke site!!
    En die jurk van Etsy.. Wauw echt super mooi!!
    Misschien is het leuk om elkaar te gaan volgen..
    Ik ga je vanaf nu volgen!

  7. Bedankt voor de complimentjes iedereen. (: