Saturday, 25 June 2011

Linda's Photos

I think most of you will know Linda McCartney.

For those who don't:

Linda McCartney, born as Linda Eastman, was an American photographer and the second wife of The Beatle Paul McCartney. She has also had a career in music after The Beatles broke up: she was a member of Paul's second band Wings.

I have found several portraits she has made and I would like to share those with you.
Of course she has taken many photographs of The Beatles, but she also took a lot of photos of other musicians.

These are my favourites:

The Beatles and Yoko Ono in 1969

Linda, Paul and their daughter Mary in 1969

Jimi Hendrix in 1968

The Beatles in 1967

Twiggy in 1969

The Doors in 1967

John Lennon in 1969

Want to see more pictures?
Click here.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Breakfast On Pluto

Breakfast On Pluto is a movie, set in the 1970s, that tells the story of Patrick: a young travestite living in a small village in Ireland. As a baby, he was abandoned by his mother, who moved to London to start a new life over there. Father Liam, the village's pastor, places the baby at a foster mother, but Patrick is not happy in his new family. When he grows up, he starts to dress more and more like a woman and he doesn't want to be called "Patrick" any longer, but "Kitten" or "Paddy" in stead.
In his late teens, Kitten gives up his life in Ireland and decides to go to London to find his mother. His two best friends, of which one, Irwin, has recently become a member of the IRA and his girlfriend, Chris, stay in Ireland.


Kitten decides to hitchhike to London and ends up with an Indian Band on tour. The singer, Billy Hatchet and Kitten seem to fall in love with eachother, but neither the other band members, nor the audience approve this. Eventually, Kitten is installed in a trailer that belongs to Billy's mother and thinks it's wonderful, until he finds weapons that belong to the IRA in there.
Afterwards, Kitten returns to London in the hope he'll find his mother and a lot happens during his trip. He becomes the muse of a magician, a prostitute and gets accused of being a part of the IRA.

Cillian Murphy as Kitten

This movie is a real comedy drama. Kitten's life is not exactly a great and happy one, but you can't keep yourself from smiling and laughing when you see all his adventures. The film is very synoptic and is divided into chapters; just like a book.
I watched it during the night (it was broadcast on TV from 0.10AM to 2.17AM), but it didn't bore me at all and I had no hard time staying awake while watching.
The groovy 1970s vibe is wonderful and, even though the movie gets somewhat surreal at times, it seems very realistic.

I loved it and even though this movie isn't very well-known to a large audience, I certainly recommend it to everyone, especially those who like the 70s.

Friday, 10 June 2011

The Pink Panther

I'd like to introduce you to my friend Panter:

I bought Panter approximately one year and half ago. It was love at first sight. I saw him in a store in a German theme park and couldn't keep my eyes off him. When I saw that he wasn't even expensive, I bought him. Yes, I'm such a cheapskate. Anyway, I carried him around in a plastic sack the whole day, but I made sure he could see everything that happened by keeping his head outside of the sack. He is rather tall, so if he stood up in the sack, there was no problem for him at all. I named him "Panter", which is the Dutch word for "Panther". I admit I'm great when it comes to thinking of names.
As a child I loved the Pink Panther and after having bought Panther, this obsession returned immediately. Ever since, I've been collecting all kind of Panther parafernalia. I even have a Panther yoga set.

Panter practising his yoga together with the small bendable pink panther that came along with the yoga set.

My sister absolutely dislikes the Pink Panther cartoons, which I cannot understand. I believe they are all time classic, just like Donald Duck or Tom and Jerry.
The Pink Panther is younger than Donald or Tom and Jerry, though. He first appeared in 1963, in the opening and closing credit sequences of Blake Edwards' Pink Panther movies, the ones about the clumsy Inspector Clouseau. The actual Pink Panther was in fact a diamond, but the cartoon gained popularity.
I didn't even know these movies existed, until a few years ago and used to believe the Pink Panther was just the cartoon. But ever since I have seen a couple of Pink Panther movies, I love those too. My alltime favourite comedy actor, Peter Sellers is incredibly funny as inspector Clouseau and I can't keep myself from laughing when I watch one of these films.
I already have the cartoon DVD box, but I still want the movie box too. (Feel free to buy me this box.)

Back in the 1960s, pink panthers were still allowed to smoke cigarettes.

It was in 1964, the Pink Panther became a star on his own, in the cartoon The Pink Phink. He appeared to be a talented actor and his first movie was an instant hit. It even won an Oscar for Best Animated Short Film in the same year.
This film shows how the Little Man is trying to paint the walls of his house blue, but our pink friend thinks it would be a better idea to have them painted pink. The Little Man is alwas grumpy and that makes this cartoon film only funnier.
Feel free to watch:

The Pink Panther was a rising star and his cartoons appeared until the 1980s. Unfortunately, they're not often broadcast anymore, but I'm glad they were still shown on television when I was little.
Throughout these years, this famous panther always stayed dexterous and his fellow cartoon characters that appeared in his series too, were practically always annoyed by his behaviour, which we, as his fans enjoyed. Malicious pleasure is one of the best pleasures around, after all.
Yes, the Pink Panther certainly is a legend. - No matter what my sister says.

Thursday, 9 June 2011


Last winter, I finally read Vladimir Nabokov's master piece Lolita. Ever since I've heard of this book, I had been craving to read it. However, I didn't do that until I got the book from my mother in December.
I've been absolutely fascinated by Nabokov's style of writing, it's so refined. Humbert Humbert, the main character is a terrible man, but that's exactly what differentiates this book from any other story I had read so far.
Here's a small summary for those who are unfamiliar with the book:
The European Humbert Humbert moves to America in the 1950s. He moves in with the widow Charlotte and her 12 years old daughter Dolores "Lolita" Haze and falls immediately in love with the latter. Unable to show his love to her, he decides to marry her mother in order to be close to his Lolita. When Charlotte dies, Humbert takes his chance and starts touring the States with Dolores and is absolutely obsessed with her. However, it gets harder and harder to keep her under control.

Vladimir Nabokov

Back in 1955, when this book appeared, it was a huge scandal. The prudish society was in shock: how could a book like this be published? Paedophilia was not a topic that should be talked about and captivating it on paper was even worse. It was even banned in France, the U.K., Argentina, New Zealand and South Africa, because of it's sexual content.
Nabokov was not at all impressed by all the critisism. He translated his book to Russian - his native language and also wrote the screenplay for the movie (1962).
This movie isn't as controversial as the book was. It lacks the sexual tension between Humbert and Lolita. Probably because it still was a huge taboo and simply couldn't be shown on screen.
This typical black and white movie, including all clich├ęs - such as dramatical music and passionate embraces - is actually rather entertaining.

Although this movie is two hours and twenty seven minutes long, you rush through the story. I'm not certain if anyone who doesn't know the book will be able to understand everything. A lot of details and parts of the original story were left out and only the most important details are shown. This is, of course, understandable: 2 hours and a half is long and by expanding that, it would be hard to keep the viewer interested.
The actors are wonderful and have all done a very well job. Peter Sellers was my favourite in this movie. His role isn't very big, but he certainly stole the show and his way of speaking was very amusing.
Peter Sellers was not the only one who added some wit to the movie. There were some enjoyable parts throughout the movie too. My favourite scene was the scene in which Humbert and one of the employees of the hotel where Lolita and Humbert would spend the night tried to unfold a camp bed. This doesn't work out as well as they were hoping for and they don't want to wake up Lolita. After a lot of effort, the bed is finally steady, but when Humbert wants to sleep on it, the bed crashes and Humbert has to sleep on a crashed camp bed, which is practically the same as on a mattress on the floor.

Sue Lyon as Lolita and James Mason as Humbert

This movie isn't the only filmed version of Nabokov's book. In 1997, another film appeared starring Jeremy Irons as Humbert Humbert. I haven't watched this version yet, but I'll certainly do so in the future.
Expect a review of that one too when I've seen it!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Dhani Harrison for Fashion Rocks 2008

I love this shoot of Dhani "son of George" Harrison and the model Sasha Pivovarova.
(Click on the pictures to see them in their original size.)

I'd almost get myself a fur coat. Yes, a fake one, of course.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

1960s Superstars. Part 1: Edie Sedgwick

Don't we all love looking at nostalgic pictures of old superstars?
Well, I most certainly do! But what do we actually know about them?

I will tell you the stories behind these faces on my blog in this article as well as in some of my future articles named "1960s Superstars".

Today's entry will be all about Edie Sedgwick!

Edith Minturn "Edie" Sedgwick was born in Santa Barbara, California on the 20th of April, 1943. Her family was wealthy and their family name was well known and respected in the States, but this was no guarentee for a happy family life. Her father was narcissistic, controlling and at times even abusive. Her older sister broke with her family and her two older brothers died during their childhood. Another brother of hers died in a motorcycle accident.
Edie's parents' marriage was not the best marriage one could imagine. Her father had open affairs with other women and her mother even ended up commiting suicide in a psychiatric hospital after having had to deal with several break downs and depressions.
The young Edie was not capable to deal with all these problems and developed anorexia in her early teens. In 1962, she was treated for her anorexia and her health improved, but she soon got pregnant. The baby got aborted.
In 1963, Edie moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts to study art over there.

Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick

In 1965, Edie met the artist Andy Warhol. She started visiting his studio The Factory on a regular base and during one of those visits, Warhol was filming his movie Vinyl, based on the novel A Clockwork Orange. Sedgwick was allowed to play a role in this movie and also appeared in some of his other movies afterwards.
Although Warhol's movies weren't mainstream at all, Sedgwick got noticed and eventually got popular among a large crowd. The cooperation between Edie and Andy only took about one year.
Sedgwick moved to the Chelsea Hotel (NYC) in 1966 and became close to Bob Dylan, who lived there too. Their relationship ended when Edie found out Dyland had married another woman in a secret ceremony.
Edie started a relationship with one of Dylan's friends, Bob Neuwirth in stead. She started using drugs and even got dependant on barbiturates. In 1967, Neuwirth broke up with her, because he was not able to cope with her use of drugs.

Edie Sedgwick and Michael Post at their marriage

Throughout 1967, Sedgwick began shooting the movie Ciao! Manhattan and spent the next five years on this project. However, her mental health decreased rapidly and Edie had to be treated in psychiatric institutions when she wasn't working on the movie. In one of these institutions she would meet her husband: her fellow patient Michael Brett Post.
They got married on July 24, 1971 and Edie even stopped using drugs and alcohol for a short amount of time. She started using drugs again a couple of months later, "as a medication to treat physical illness".
In November 1971, she attended a party after a fashion show where a drunken guest insulted her by saying she was a heroin addict and her marriage would fail. Edie called Michael to bring her home and told him she was uncertain about their marriage.
Michael gave her the prescribed medication before they went to bed and Edie fell asleep very quickly. She breathed extremely heavily and it it didn't sound very healthy, but Michael blamed it on her heavy smoking habit.
The next morning Edie was dead. Her dead was ruled as "undetermined/accident/suicide" by the coroner.
Edie was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Ballard, California.