Saturday, 28 January 2012


There are things that should just be forgotten forever and that no one should want to see ever again - either because the makers must be too embarrassed nowadays or because it's simply too awful to watch.
I, however, love anything curious and strange and therefore am insanely happy every time I find something new while I'm on the hunt for the bizarre. The less tasteful and the more outdated, the better! I want to see people with haircuts that no one would want to have anymore, the people with the glitter jeans and the worst special effects ever seen
Bad quality? Please! 
Infamous? That is my sole requirement! 
Should it look like a bad attempt at a practical joke? But of course!

I do hope none of my followers are Star Wars fans, because honestly, the only time I have ever watched a Star Wars movie, I didn't get the story at all because I was laughing all the time. My boyfriend at the time got kind of upset, probably thinking it was disrespectful to laugh so much at a classic movie, but I couldn't help it. Just look at this trailer, imagine that you have never heard of Star Wars before and you'll get what I mean. Especially the robot that kind of looks like a human (yes, the one you see before clicking on that video above this piece of text) made me laugh every single time he appeared again. The way he moved, the way he talked - I loved it. Just not the way other people would.

I love David Bowie. And I respect Mick Jagger. That's why I thought this video was a fake one the first time I saw it. How on Earth could two men that have meant so much to music have made a video as awful as this one? I believed it were actors, making fun of both Bowie and Jagger until I realized the two men that appear in this video looked awfully much like David and Mick themselves. After some research I had to conclude it was for real. Just click play and you'll immediately get what I mean. (And please do watch the complete video - their dancing gets worse and worse! Which I, of course, find highly entertaining.)

Though I have to admit this last video is my favourite of all of them. Yes, this video explains why this entry's title is in Finnish (- the fact that it's also the only Finnish word that I know except for Suomi Finland and sauna should remain a secret). I have no idea who the artists in this video are and I also don't want to know, because it would ruin the complete fairytale for me. The fairytale of aliens that look awfully much like humans, wearing red trousers, too short sweatshirts and show off some the worst choreography I have ever seen.
Could this get any better? I thought the first time I ever saw this video. 
"Yes it can!", the video soonly replied by showing the singer with his awful haircut and matching clothing.
And what about the ending with the flying car? This video must have been created by a genius.


  1. ...if you like crazy finnish stuff, I'd reccomed watching movie Kummeli Kultakuume. It's hilarious typical finnish humor :D

  2. I love star wars haha <3 too bad the quality of episode 4,5,6 sucks.

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