Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Ett svenskt äventyr

Huh, does Sweden look like this?! - No, most of Sweden doesn't, but Scania does.

As some of you may already know - I am a second year Scandinavian Studies student at university. Next year, I'll have enough space within my study programme to move to the foreign and considering I've been wanting to leave The Netherlands ever since I was still a tiny Sarah, I absolutely had to take this chance. Although most students go to either Göteborg or Stockholm in Sweden, I decided to apply for a university in the very South, in a lovely little city called Lund in Scania. Why? - you may ask. The answer is rather simple: my boyfriend lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, and this way we'll only live an hour from eachother by train in stead of the current hour by plane.
Yesterday, I received a message from my current university - in Amsterdam - that I have been selected for their exchange programme with Lund. Of course I couldn't be happier and I am now finishing the last bits of my application and will have to wait for approval by Lund's university as well.

Does anyone even get this greatly photoshopped joke? The European detective fanatics maybe. A hint: Ystad is located in Scania as well.

I'll keep you up to date, of course!


  1. That's great! you'll probably learn more Swedish from going to a smaller place as well, as there won't be as many internationals there (When I studied in Glasgow there was 2 other girls from Norway in my class, and I really had to make an effort to get to know the scottish people, as they thought I just wanted to hang out with the Norwegians.) Good luck! You'll have so much fun:)

    1. Thank you! I'll be following 3 subjects in Swedish and 1 in English, so I don't expect to be in the same calss as too many foreigners in the Swedish ones! (:

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