Sunday, 16 October 2011


I've been wearing practically the same outfit throughout the whole weekend and have taken some pictures of it with my sister's camera that's at least five years old, hence the quality. I absolutely love the combination of black and white and have hardly worn any colours for the last seven years, though I intend to add some more colourful pieces to my garderobe.
This will be one of last weekends that allows me to dress in a way like this, because the cold weather will arrive soon. I honestly hate both Autumn and Winter; whereas other people associate these seasons with coloured trees and fairytale-like snowy scenes, I think of rain, exploded hair and falling off your bike and breaking your leg because of the frozen roads. I also like Summer fashion much better than Winter fashion and have this tendency to wear my Summer outfits during Winter too, by adding more layers. But Winter hasn't arrived yet, so let's stay optimistic just for now!

Saturday outfit:
Vintage 1950s blouse
Vintage 1970s platform heels
Vintage 1980s purse
H&M skirt
Accessories from Ebay

Sunday outfit:
Vintage 1950s blouse
H&M skirt
Saddle shoes from Ebay
Both the earrings and the hairbow were gifts


  1. Dat polka dots rokje is echt <33.

    *Een bezoekje of reactie terug is ook voor mij een duwtje in de rug. x

  2. perfect all the way down to the details :D I am loving the ring.

    xxx ninja (

  3. leuke outfit!
    elkaar volgen?
    liefs Roos

  4. Great blog! I'm following. Follow me back if you like:)

  5. LOVE polka dots! And those owl earrings. So great!! <3