Saturday, 3 December 2011

My week with Marilyn

I have been making some graphics with my lovely GIMP programme lately, and I must say I'm proud of how I'm slowly starting to get better and better. Tonight, I wanted to practise some more and found this random Marilyn Monroe picture on Google. I do admit it's not the most complicated graphic I've ever seen or that you have probably ever seen, but the result satisfies me.
Whilst working on this picture with the flashing Marilyn in it, I came to think of a new Marilyn movie that came out recently: My week with Marilyn. It hasn't been released here yet, so I haven't seen it, and therefore I also can't say too much about it for now, but this one is certainly on my must-see list! The trailer looks so promising! 

Judge for yourselves:

The rating of this movie on IMDb is four stars out of five, so I don't think this movie will disappoint me. I love the clothing and the ambiance in the trailer!

And look at this wonderful movie pictures:

Has anyone already seen this one?


  1. Oh, doesn't 'My week with Marilyn' look so lovely!? I've just been dying to see it...

    And thank you ever so much for dropping by my blog! I appreciate it ever so much :)